Welcome to my online home !

I am a software engineer in AMD Research. Presently, I work on the Performance Optimization of Scientific and Irregular applicATIONs (POSITION) on novel AMD accelerators. Application area that I am most interested in is molecular dynamics and modeling. I also enjoy working with complex data-structures like b-trees, etc, which are not very amenable to GPGPUs, at least yet.

Prior to AMD, I graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from Virginia Tech. My advisor was Dr. Wu-chun Feng in the SyNeRGY lab. At VT, I was adjudicated the Outstanding Masters Student by the Dept. of Computer Science for my work on architecture-aware optimization strategies on various heterogeneous computing systems.

Besides work, the two things I enjoy the most are traveling and photography. I feel that these two hobbies go hand-in-hand exceptionally well. My interest in photography leads me to travel to a lot of new places while my interest in traveling entitles me to shoot more and more. If I would not have been an engineer, I would surely be a travel photographer. You can view some of my pictures here.

Sunset in the Bahia Honda State Park !

Florida Keys

As the saying goes, “journey is more important than the destination”, this trip of ours exemplefies it in the most literal sense. The memories would be cherished forever – Four friends, Nine days, 3760 miles, One helluva trip. Some of the show-stopper pictures are below. For the rest of the pictures please visit my gallery.

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New Orleans Architecture !

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in Louisiana

Louisiana is a unique state in the US – with historical New Orleans, the Gulf coast and the Swamps. We had fun photographing the architecture in New Orleans and playing with the wild gulls along the coast, among everything else . Some of the show-stopper pictures are below. For the rest of the pictures please …

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