Jul 17

How to install Windows on a system having a Linux installation

Below are the steps enumerated on how to install Windows on a system with Linux installation (the steps apply to Ubuntu for sure and may/may not work for other flavors of Linux) -

  • Create a live Linux installation on a USB from http://www.linuxliveusb.com/
  • Boot from the USB Linux-live installation and create a new partition for Windows using gparted.
  • Boot from the Windows DVD and install Windows.

Installing Windows over Linux corrupts the GRUB boot-loader and hence, the GRUB needs to be fixed.

  • Boot from the USB Linux-live installation and open a terminal.
  • Mount the existing Linux partition -
mkdir linux
sudo mount /dev/sda1 linux
  • Mount the /dev, /sys and /proc directories -
sudo mount --bind /dev linux/dev
sudo mount --bind /sys linux/sys
sudo mount --bind /proc linux/proc
  • Change the root to the mounted Linux partition -
sudo chroot linux
  • Update the GRUB -
sudo update-grub

You should now have both Windows and Linux listed in the boot menu upon reboot.

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