Oct 16

Saving Space in a Latex Manuscript

Adhering to page-limits for conference submissions can sometimes be extremely painful. Cutting down on text is not always the best option. Illustrated below are some commands which can help save space via formatting in latex especially w.r.t. figures and tables.

  • \floatsep: space left between floats in a single column.
  • \textfloatsep: space between last top float or first bottom float and the text.
  • \intextsep : space left on top and bottom of an in-text float.
  • \dbltextfloatsep is \textfloatsep for double column output.
  • \dblfloatsep is \floatsep for double column output.
  • \abovecaptionskip: space above caption.
  • \belowcaptionskip: space below caption.

These should be passed as a parameter to \setlength{….}{n[ex, mm, in]}. Floats refer to figures and tables in the manuscript. \setlength{….}{1ex} is known to work well.

Space within Bibliography can be saved by -

{  \end{oldthebibliography} }

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